Wednesday, August 1, 2007

My Dearest Mohd Ekhram Sharif

Mohd Ekhram Sharif Bin Mohd Tahar what can i said bout this guy..He was born at 13th April 1978 at Port Dickson Negeri Sembilan and he is 3rd from 5 siblings.Currently he's working as Marine Engineer a.k.a Nelayan Laut Dalam with MISC Berhad for over 7 years.

Ekhram's Characters:

  • Very obses to the car.He is Honda owner but dreaming to have Skyline,Subaru & all the sports car one day..
  • Loves to the Music ( believe it or not he currently like to sing "kenangan Terindah" By Samsons) sapa punye pengaruh la tu ekk sayang???
  • Movie obses too..( still remember watchin Death Note 2,Spiderman 3 & Jangan Pandang Belakang together)
  • An emphatic person & very gud listener
  • MCD maniac-Fillet o Fish & all MCd Burger..that's y chubby like burger :)
  • Chocolate & Cookies ( famous Amos) addicted..I can see he so excited when got these items from me..
  • Dunhill Desire Blue - i miss him with this perfume so much..
  • Sangat Kuat makan..sekejap2 makan..dari kurus keding dah jadik tough skrg :)
  • A very particular person & dont like messy thing..sgt pembersih..
  • His Favourite words: "cap ayam betulla"...hehehe...
  • First Time muke cam kerek semacam je tapi actually he is quite Friendly..
  • Like to laugh & alwiz show his funny face with her 1000 mimik muke ( dahla muke baby face..missnyer)
  • Family Man looks alike..( that's y i feel secure & comfort with him)
  • Quite Manje jugak likes me..maybe bcoz he alwiz travelling abroad..
  • Easy to deal with,tak banyak songeh..hehe..( sometimes je so fussy bout simple thing)
  • hmm..what's more..hmm..difficults to describe but most important thing "He was born with his own unique & own charisma"

Sayang..u know i really admire this smile so much..

1000000000 millions smiles i guess :)

Most of all:

He alwiz make me laugh..he alwiz make me stress free..He like to pampered me..but in the same time he alwiz make me hot n spicy..I dunno y..I finally fall in luv with him..I cant deny myself i need him more than everything..He came to complete my life..He make me alwiz in luv & feel that i really safe in his arms..Sayang..tq for being there for me..U have to know..Ur my inspiration,my greatest of all,u pick me up when i was down..& Ur the best thing i ever had..I cant even think my life without ur laugh..ur smile..Ur deepest eyes..I can't wait to be yours..I will alwiz pray our dreams comes true..

My Dearest Ekhram..I'm so addicted with this adorable smile from the first time we meet..

Thanks god i found u..I luv u forever My Dearest Ekhram..Alwiz be My Baby..

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