Tuesday, July 31, 2007

1st meet - My Best Friends Wedding Memory

I never dreaming on my bestfriends wedding i will see my soulmate 0n 25/01/2007..We are bestman & Bridesmaid to our bestfriend..My intention juz to be Eina bridesmaid & never imagine i can meet him at her wedding..at first i'm annoyed with his attitude ( kerek semacam je ) siap gado2 coz he refuse to wear baju melayu..ada ke nak pakai tshirt..upernya dia takde sehelai pon baju melayu coz dah 5 years tak penah beraya kat darat..ciannye..suddenly Eina hubby gave him idea to borrow his baju melayu..then..woweeee..so smart babe ( i feel like jatuh cinta that time) I still remember he's wearing baju melayu in cream tone & look so gorgeous with sampin and songkok..I'm also wear my kebaya in same colour..vogue gile that time mengalahkan pengantin..:) I still remember..the people around there keep asking and try to be matchmaker to us coz we look likes so match together..:) Even mak pengantin pon mengusik pengapit yg cute nie..hehe..

Eina Wedding is over and he suddenly ask me to join him hang out to Seremban..
hmm that time i refuse to do so coz really tired..Then after finish wedding reception at Eina Hubby's we first time hang out together at Seremban Parade ( the place we meet at first)
I still can remember,his car alarm cannot be use and he is very calm to overcome the problem..that time i'm thinking..what a wonderful men..( relax gile..kalo aku dah hagen 1 badan nie..) Next,we are watchin "Death Note 2" Together..so memorable moments..
The next day..He send me back to Sungai Besi LRT.He's eager to send me even he dont know the way to KL actually.. ( thanks sayang..).Bcoz i'm going back to my hometown Kluang Johor..That time big flood was happened at Johor..I still remember how hard he wont let me go..( macam tanak kasik balik je..saja nak sembang lama-lama tau) tapi i kena balik gak that time coz my family needs me more..( kena cuci umah banjir beb)..I'm on leave for a weeks..On that period we keep in touch via SMS..day and nite..( sampai tak tido 2 hari..) Through Several calls & thousand SMS we know each other closer and closer..We are so crazy with this feeling..That time we can see a lot of chemistry and similarity came between us..My mum also say the same too..My face & his face like twins..heheh. I still remember he said:

Ekhram: I penah hilang someone yg i sayang before..So i dont want to lose u anymore..I feel like we are destined together..

Yat: ok,we just follow the flow ok..dont push urself to accept me..We're juz know each other ( jual mahal la konon..padahal dlm hati yeahhhh..yay..yay..)

I can feel miracle feeling came date time..The feeling that i never felt before..like we are destined to each other..maybe he's the one who already made for me..i just go with flow then..